“Beer Master” – New Article in JH Style!

I make no secret of the fact that I am a fan of beer. I like to write about it, sure. But enjoying an icy pint is even better. Some of my favorites come from breweries within the community, to be sure.

This article was a tad tough to write. As I was submitting it, I was nearing the end of nine long months of growing my son. It was August, it was hot, and wow – I really, really wished that I could have enjoyed one of Rudy Borrego’s creative brews instead of just describing his work on the page. I did, however, really enjoy learning about how he approaches his job, and the development process behind the award-winning beer at Snake River Brewing.

Thankfully, my patience paid off. My son was born shortly thereafter, and you can bet my husband made sure there was a frosty six-pack of Jenny Lake Lager in the fridge for me. And almost as much of a highlight (but definitely not quite), is seeing my article in the pages of JH Style magazine.

Be sure to snag a copy – free on newsstands around Jackson Hole!

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