How can a writing coach help you?

Athletes of all skill levels rely on coaches. Why? Because they’re incapable of achievement alone? Hardly! Coaches provide support, guidance, and perspective, creating space for athletes to focus on their performance.

A writing coach offers similar benefits, but in the realm of storytelling and writing. With guidance and encouragement from a professional, just imagine how amazing your work can become!

Personalized Feedback and Skill Development

A writing coach reads and reviews your work, but without the threatening “red pen” of the editor or teacher. Instead, a coach observes your strengths and weaknesses, and offers insightful ways to expand your individual skills. Perhaps you can craft witty, thrilling dialogue between your characters, but struggle to describe settings. Or have a real talent for penning compelling openings, but can’t find a way to draw a story to its close. These kinds of challenges are a breeze to overcome with the help of a coach.

Coaches can suggest resources or exercises to sharpen specific skill sets, too. Unlike an editor, a coach’s work isn’t about correcting errors. It’s about empowering a writer to elevate their own craft.

A Plan of Attack

Taking a project from idea to completed product can be an intimidating prospect. Where do you even begin? Life is busy; how do you find time to write? When do you want to have a first, second, or final draft completed? An external source of accountability can make a significant difference.

A coach can help explore these challenges, and help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s a full-length novel, a habit of writing thoughtful poetry, or incorporating personal growth journaling into your life, coaching is an excellent step towards building time management skills and productive habits that will endure.

Kickstart a Writing Career

Many writers want to take their writing from a hobby to a career, but don’t know where to start. They’re not sure how to pitch story ideas to magazines, work with editors, find an agent, or self-publish their work.

Coaches can offer assistance and support at every step on this journey. So, if you’re ready to start getting paid for your work, a coach can be precisely the jumpstart that your career needs.

Support & Encouragement

It’s easy to get lost in our own efforts, and swamped by problems or challenges. In moments like this, it’s priceless to have a supportive voice and outside perspective. Frequently, that’s all we need: someone to ask new questions or suggest fresh ideas.

A coach is – above all else – someone who is fully in your corner. On good days, they celebrate your wins and cheer you on. On the tougher days, they’ve got your back. They can remind you of what you’re striving for, and what the next steps are. With a great coach behind you, you’re never navigating alone.

And we can all benefit from a confident, loving reminder: You can do this.

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