Emerging Stronger from the Storm

Covid-19 has created a storm of uncertainty. But even in the darkness, there is a beacon of hope. A shining light. There is opportunity for your business to emerge more robust, innovative, and with even more dedicated customers. And there’s an easy step you should take right away. 

As leadership expert and executive coach Maya Hu-Chan explains: “If companies can see the opportunity in this crisis – to give back to their communities, to differentiate themselves, to strengthen relationships with customers – they can emerge stronger, more creative, and with a more loyal, engaged customer base.” 

Countless factors are beyond your control at the moment. Something that is absolutely, completely, and fully in your control? Your story. And to emerge from this storm not only safely, but stronger, you need to start telling it now.

You have an authentic chance to build the relationship with your customer base. Show them how your business is navigating this crisis with resilience and grace, guided by your core values. Connect to them with genuine empathy, honor their dynamic needs, and empower them to support the community alongside you. Demonstrate your capacity for innovation, and your confident leadership. 

Your distinctive story is of critical importance now, and will be even more so when doors and communities reopen. Don’t wait for that to happen; it might be too late. Start now. Let me help.

As an experienced copywriter and editor, I can make this process smooth and easy. As a Jackson Hole native, I’m deeply familiar with the community’s unique culture and values. Let’s team up to explore how you can create values-driven marketing and communication strategies, and how to connect with your customers via newsletters, blogs, and social media. 

I’m offering all of my writing and editing services at a discounted rate to local businesses during these difficult times. We’re stronger together, and our community is richest when we all support one another to thrive. 

I hope you’ll reach out so we can get started. The storm will end, and the sun will rise on a new day. 

Let’s make sure we’re ready.

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