New Articles in Jackson Hole Magazine

There’s an undeniable thrill when I see my name on articles in new publications. And you guys – I’m not going to lie. I’m absolutely thrilled to have contributed to the always-beautiful, thoughtful, and fun Jackson Hole Magazine.

Our mountain community holds a special place in my heart, and no matter where I roam, the Tetons will unequivocally be home. This place is magic. And getting to share it – in an authentic, non-superficial way – with other people makes me profoundly happy.

So, be sure to pick up a copy of the Summer 2020 edition of Jackson Hole Magazine! Look for my roundup of town’s best ethnic eats, and for Jackson’s slice of the booze-free beverage trend. Enjoy!

Emerging Stronger from the Storm

Covid-19 has created a storm of uncertainty. But even in the darkness, there is a beacon of hope. A shining light. There is opportunity for your business to emerge more robust, innovative, and with even more dedicated customers. And there’s an easy step you should take right away. 

As leadership expert and executive coach Maya Hu-Chan explains: “If companies can see the opportunity in this crisis – to give back to their communities, to differentiate themselves, to strengthen relationships with customers – they can emerge stronger, more creative, and with a more loyal, engaged customer base.” 

Countless factors are beyond your control at the moment. Something that is absolutely, completely, and fully in your control? Your story. And to emerge from this storm not only safely, but stronger, you need to start telling it now.

You have an authentic chance to build the relationship with your customer base. Show them how your business is navigating this crisis with resilience and grace, guided by your core values. Connect to them with genuine empathy, honor their dynamic needs, and empower them to support the community alongside you. Demonstrate your capacity for innovation, and your confident leadership. 

Your distinctive story is of critical importance now, and will be even more so when doors and communities reopen. Don’t wait for that to happen; it might be too late. Start now. Let me help.

As an experienced copywriter and editor, I can make this process smooth and easy. As a Jackson Hole native, I’m deeply familiar with the community’s unique culture and values. Let’s team up to explore how you can create values-driven marketing and communication strategies, and how to connect with your customers via newsletters, blogs, and social media. 

I’m offering all of my writing and editing services at a discounted rate to local businesses during these difficult times. We’re stronger together, and our community is richest when we all support one another to thrive. 

I hope you’ll reach out so we can get started. The storm will end, and the sun will rise on a new day. 

Let’s make sure we’re ready.

The Wisdom of Silicon Couloir

In the late spring of 2018, I had the challenging and rewarding opportunity to participate in Silicon Couloir‘s StartUp Intensive program. This unique program, a collaboration between the entrepreneurship nonprofit and Central Wyoming College, is a ten-week super tour of business basics and the tools and skills necessary to build a thriving business from scratch.

Led by the brilliant and passionate Sandy Hessler and Liza Millet, I was immersed in a group of deeply intelligent and dedicated students. Together, we grew not only as professionals and leaders, but also as individuals and engaged members of a larger, vibrant community.

It also made me a better content writer; there’s no question that the course equipped me with essential keys to help brands and organizations tell their distinctive stories in a powerful way and become more competitive. Here are a few of the takeaways that help me deliver excellent content for all of my clients:

Target Audience is Everything

The most important and fundamental question as I approach a new project is this: Who is your target audience? It can be a tougher question that it seems! But it is deeply critical that any brand (business, individual or nonprofit) knows exactly who they’re trying to reach. And no – “everyone” isn’t sufficient.

Let’s really dig deep into whose attention you want, and explore how to earn it.

Authenticity Is Critical

People can smell a fake a mile off. So, let’s be real.

Brands that are authentic and honest are the products and services that customers and followers want to support. It’s not about perfection or puppeting what you think someone wants to hear. It’s about a little vulnerability, a lot of truth and showing up in a way that represents the values underpinning the brand.

Is your identity one of laughter and whimsy? Is there a dash of magic? Or are you striving for precision, performance and razor-like excellence in your field? Perhaps you’re seeking to cultivate an air of nostalgia? Or chic Western charm? No matter your unique tone and vibe, it’s important that all of your content reflects it. Consistency is key!

Stories Resonate

We’re bombarded by a blizzard of images, numbers and statements all day long. Thousands of them. It’s nonstop.

Our human brains are wired to connect not to an avalanche of data points, but to stories. On a deep, primordial level, we are drawn to narratives. We long to understand why and how things came to be, and where they’re headed. And when those stories are particularly compelling, we yearn to be a part of them.

The StartUp Intensive, in combination with my Creative Writing studies at the University of Chicago, gives me a distinct and robust skill set when it comes to developing and communicating brand identities. And perhaps more importantly – I sincerely enjoy it!

So, drop me a note and let me know how I can help you tell your story.

“Beer Master” – New Article in JH Style!

I make no secret of the fact that I am a fan of beer. I like to write about it, sure. But enjoying an icy pint is even better. Some of my favorites come from breweries within the community, to be sure.

This article was a tad tough to write. As I was submitting it, I was nearing the end of nine long months of growing my son. It was August, it was hot, and wow – I really, really wished that I could have enjoyed one of Rudy Borrego’s creative brews instead of just describing his work on the page. I did, however, really enjoy learning about how he approaches his job, and the development process behind the award-winning beer at Snake River Brewing.

Thankfully, my patience paid off. My son was born shortly thereafter, and you can bet my husband made sure there was a frosty six-pack of Jenny Lake Lager in the fridge for me. And almost as much of a highlight (but definitely not quite), is seeing my article in the pages of JH Style magazine.

Be sure to snag a copy – free on newsstands around Jackson Hole!

Featured in Dishing JH!

When you’re out and about in Jackson Hole, be sure to pick up a copy of the most recent edition of Dishing. In its pages, you’ll find my article about the history of the iconic local restaurant, The Bunnery.

I have deeply fond memories of the coffee cake as a young child, and adore the fact that it still tastes the same today! I had a wonderful time sipping coffee and chatting with the restaurant’s deeply delightful owner, Gerard. A warm, engaging Frenchman, he’s as passionate about fly fishing as he is about creating consistently fantastic food – well – we had more than enough to talk about. 

And – as an added bonus – I am honored to be this edition’s featured contributor! So, pick up a copy and hear some of my thoughts on how the dining scene in the valley has changed over the past few decades. 

Bon appetit!