Welcome, readers!

Like most professional writers, I have a niche. A focus. A realm in which my stories come to life. But unlike many other writers, my focus is not a genre, but rather, a place.

As a native of the American West, I’m drawn to stories that unfold against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, and people whose paths traverse the communities nestled among their peaks.

The communities, the tales and the landscape here are inextricable from one another; forever entangled with the rugged and distinctive wildness of this swath of earth. The richness of this complexity is where my interest lies.

You’ll discover that my work crosses the boundaries of genre, though not without consideration or care. You’ll find stories about food, art, and the people who create it. You’ll find stories of exploration and adventure. Stories of resilience or loss. All of them shaped in one way or another by place.

It is my deepest hope that – through my work – you can begin, renew, or deepen your appreciation of one of the world’s most compelling locales.